Monthly Archives: May 2009

Welcome to Japan’s rainy season! 3

Summer in Japan always starts with rainy days. Because it is also the season when the Japanese apricot (ume) ripens, the Japanese call it “tsuyu” (or “baiyu”) which literally means “plum rain”. The rainy season usually begins in early June and ends in mid July.

Sex Pot Revenge 4

Yesterday I saw a gorgeous young woman wearing a shirt which says “Call me Bitch.” No kidding! Surprising? In Japan, not really. Update: This morning on the train, I saw another woman with a shirt saying “We LOVE Juicy Kittens”. That was the most ridiculous shirt worn by a woman I’ve seen in my entire […]

Art Only-in-Japan? 12

*** WARNING: The graphics below are Not-Safe-For-Work. *** I took the pictures below during the 29th Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight on May 16-17, 2009. Design Festa is an international event where artists from all over the world can showcase their creative talent in the field of arts. It is held twice a year, […]

Tokyo and H1N1 11

It was May 20 when the first two cases of H1N1 in Tokyo were confirmed. After the news broke, the sanitary masks in every store were totally sold out. Last Friday night, I decided to go to Shibuya to shoot people wearing the protective masks. But when I got there, I spotted only a few […]