Autumn Illumination at Rikugien Garden

Rikugien Garden, in Bunyo-ku, Tokyo, is one of the best-preserved Japanese landscape gardens of the Edo period. The name, Rikugi-en, came from “six elements of Waka poems” that had been derived from “six styles of poems” written in the old Chinese poetry book “Mao-shi”.

The garden is most beautiful in the autumn season because trees are being illuminated with colorful lights at night. Last Sunday, I, with the the FTPS group, visited the garden and it was awesome.

iMorpheus taking a photo of a couple in the garden using a keitai.
Rikugien Garden | Photography by Jesslee Cuizon

The garden has everything a traditional Japanese garden is supposed to: a large central pond, teeming with golden carps and sluggish turtles, fantastical islands, crooked rustic bridges over gurgling streams, man made hills, symbolizing the sacred Japanese mountains, and moss-encrusted stone lanterns. Along the path that goes round the pond, 88 landscapes from famous Japanese poems are reproduced in miniature. — Tokyo Japan Guide

Rikugien Garden | Photography by Jesslee Cuizon

A lot of people flock there to take pictures of the colorfully-illuminated momiji trees.

Rikugien Garden | Photography by Jesslee Cuizon

And, of course, take photos of themselves with the illumination as background.

Rikugien Garden | Photography by Jesslee Cuizon

Also, a few stop-by the traditional wooden teahouses, hidden among the majestic trees, to have some light snacks, sweets and tea.

Rikugien Garden | Photography by Jesslee Cuizon

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