Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project

Last Sunday, April 18th, Soleil Provence, together with 260 volunteers, celebrated Earth Day with it’s 2nd Beach Clean-up in Kugenuma Beach, Fujisawa. The clean-up started at 11:00am and ended at 1:30pm.

The volunteers were formed into groups and were scattered along Kugenuma beach. In this photo, Enoshima is seen in the background.

A volunteer bringing a plastic bag with beach litter is seen in this photo.

This is the picture after the collected debris are gathered all together.

And then the segregation…

And the counting…

In total, the volunteers collected 45 bags or 130 kgs of beach litter.

The whole experience was fun. Looking forward to the next clean-up in fall.

Here’s a short video clip by Bob of podcast Chocolat.

Fujisawa beach cleaning (Soleil Provence) from chocolat on Vimeo.

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  1. Michael Q Todd

    Fantastic pics of a wonderful effort
    Well done everyone

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