Korea — Day 2 Part 1: Seongnam Moran Market

2010 April 29th.

I was planning to go to Gwangjang Market just in downtown Seoul, but I got a tip from someone working in the guest house (where I am staying), that the biggest market in Korea is taking place on this day. The market, which has over 1200 merchants coming from all over Korea, only takes place on the 4th, 9th, 14th, 19th, 24th, 29th day of every month. I didn’t think twice and headed straight there after brunch.

The first thing I saw right after coming out of Exit 5 of Moran Station is this Buddhist monk seated in an elevated platform along the side walk towards the market.

After a few meters away, I saw a group of people with microphones, speakers and sign boards. Though I didn’t understand what they were saying, but it’s pretty obvious that they were trying to spread the word of God.

I walked through the market and saw the trades what were happening. The scene was most likely the same as the markets in the Philippines. The market is divided into sections. There are fruits section, vegetables, fish, local delicacies, and others. In this photo, the fishes are laying ready to be sold.

I have noticed that most of the traders were old people. In this photo is an old woman selling eggs.

These are dried fish hanging on the stall.

There’s a section in the market where you can see different kinds of live animals, either they sell them as pets or for food consumption. When I got to this part of the market, I saw chickens, ducks, and dogs inside the cages.

And then, I saw the dog meat right next to every cage. After seeing the meat, I looked at the live dogs again and felt very bad for them.

I spent two hours in the market, and witnessed some good and bad things, but mostly they were good. I was observing a group of people standing and eating in front of a stall. One man saw me taking pictures of them and the food they were eating, then he called me to join them. He handed me a pair of chop sticks, and a cup of soju.

I had a great time in the market. Great time.

Next post will be Day 2 Part 2, the photos I took at Namsam Seoul Tower. Thanks for reading.